How can we improve OWA for iPhone/iPad?

OWA for iPhone is NOT operational


See hardware, iOS version and app version detail below:

iPhone 6s 128GB
iOS 11.0.3
OWA 15.01.0361000

On start up, a banner is displayed at the top of the screen with this message:

The app needs to be updated. To update, select the Refresh button.

The App the loads to the inbox and the status bar at the bottom of the screen displays this message:

Downloading an app update. This make take a few minutes.

Note, I then clicked “x” to close message.

Emails appears to load.

Clicking on an email yields the following message:

ERROR. Your request can’t be completed right now. Please try again later.


1) I have deleted and reinstalled the app;
2) I have tried to leave the app running without click the “x”above.

Please fix this ASAP...


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